It’s the club that births game-changers.
It’s for those who desire to have Financial Abondance.
If you’re serious about giving 100% — to your business, finances, and relationships — then you’re ready for this club.
It’s a place to achieve what people have deemed unachievable.
It is here that you will break barriers, where you will achieve
greatness, and destroy mediocrity.
Its for people that are taking full responsibility for their live, But needs a community of like-minded individuals.

And Much More!


An Exclusive Mentorship Circle, with Grace Ofure.

An Opportunity To Receive Mentorship From a Wealth Strategist.

Consistent Live Sessions – On A Private And Exclusive Platform on how to build Wealth.

On-Going High Impact, No BS Coaching.

Training. Coaching. Equipping. Imparting. Growing.

How To Structure your Finances and 100% result  — 100% Of The Time.




Mentorship from a Wealth Strategist

Private Online Live Sessions


Short courses on real estate, finances, communication,
closing sales, networking and more

Access to Private Network Channels

Other Digital Materials


If you are seeking a tried-and-tested, proof-is-in-the-pudding kind of mentor. If you are looking for someone to assist you in making radical change, who’s results will echo for generations to come. If you are ready to transform your life to a new way of thinking, working and being, then CREATE WEALTH CLUB is the vehicle to get there.

Meet Grace

Grace Ofure is a wealth strategist, business growth catalyst, and author; empowering businesses and individuals worldwide. Through coaching, education, and public speaking, she shares potent success strategies to attain growth and affluence.

Specializing in real estate investment advisory, she focuses on future and transgenerational wealth, blending her passion for youth and personal development. As a kingdom financier, she's on a mission to nurture other kingdom financiers.

Coming from humble beginnings have honed me into becoming a master at my craft. I believe That anything is possible, I’m a strong advocate of financial literacy devoted to helping individuals attain financial independence and grow their investment portfolio.

To impact knowledge that produces exceptional results, making the world a better place.
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Successful Stories

“Grace ofure is one of the very few women or men you can do business with bellow is what i sent to her after I had a profitable  business dealings with her:

I can't believe you are a Nigerian,  your level of integrity is out of this world.
Sunday Egede
Price Ebano supermarket
Director · Paparazz Global Ventures
“The program gives access to a mentor with so much wealth of experience and knowledge. The real life instances are very enlightening and provides instructive directions to help mentees succeed in any endeavor. Its a whole new paradigm shift and I am excited and honored to be part of this program.
Aminat A.
Director · Paparazz Global Ventures
“The introductory class was mind blowing, life changing. It really opened up my mind to a whole new dimension and perspective on life and success. I really want to thank my mentor Grace Ofure ma for this amazing opportunity to be part of this.”
Bridget Nneka
Director · Paparazz Global Ventures
“It is good doing business with Grace Ofure, and I hope to do more with her in the future. Thanks, and I really appreciate doing business with Grace Ofure.
Sodiq Olaleye Muritala
Director · Paparazz Global Ventures
“Wonderful Women, great staff that are genuine and authentic indeed. Thank you for all your efforts and opportunities that you have given to us in the diaspora. Super grateful to God Almighty for you guys. Keep on the good work and remain blessed. ”
Solomon Uangbaoje
Director · Paparazz Global Ventures
“It is a privilege to be under the mentorship of Grace Ofure. Her energy and story are very inspiring, listening to her share her secrets of success has pushed me to reevaluate my goals. 2022 is very promising with this mentorship program. Thank you ma.”
Joy Egbe
Director · Unknown
“It was a wonderful session with madam Grace Ofure. Her approaches to success and self-development are unique and practical. I am leveraging her knowledge and experience to achieve my 2022 goals of digitizing the Real Estate industry.”
Derick Nwasor
Director · Paparazz Global Ventures
“Lifecard company exhibits the highest degree of transparency, probity and accountability in handling clients’ transactions. Well done guys and keep the good work.”
Israel A. Owolabi
Director · Paparazz Global Ventures
“l'd like to thank Grace ofure ma for opportunity to have attended the mentorship training program.  Yes it was very informative, enlightening above all A must needed push for me!! This has actually put me on course for greater achievement this 2022 and all I can say is big big thanks Grace ofure ma.”
Suleiman Bashiru
Director · Paparazz Global Ventures


What do you get by joining C-W-C?
• Mentorship from Grace Ofure
• Private Online Live Sessions
• Master Classes
• Short Courses on real estate, finances, communication, closing sales, networking and more
• Personal Training, Coaching, Equipping, Imparting and Growth
• Access to private communication with other C-W-C members
• Other Digital Content
• % discount on future online courses
• % discount on future events
• Priority access to events
How will C-W-C benefit me?
You will receive world-class training directly from GO. Through exclusive, consistent, and live mentorship, you will learn how to give 100% to your business, finances, and relationships – 100% of the time.
Is the C-W-C mentorship in person, live or recorded?
You have access to a private online platform with GO and the other C-W-C members. There are private live video feeds, exclusive live sessions, priority access to our events, as well as two-hour online meeting sessions with GO, which he will discuss content and answer queries.
When can I join?
You can join C-W-C at any time – but applications will be carefully considered, and spaces are limited.
Is there a specific time the mentorship will take place?
Sessions will take place in specific dates of the month, and you will receive a notification when they start, either on your private group or by mail, so you can join. You will be billed monthly for your membership and it will continue until you decide to cancel it.
Is the challenge in person? Where does it take place?
C-W-C is a virtual private mentoring program. We will either record or live stream all sessions, and all communications will be handled via private groups. Every member will be able to receive communication in real time and in a personalised manner.
Is there a chance for me to ask questions?
Yes, of course. Having direct contact with GO is one of the benefits of C-W-C. Within the private groups, you can also ask any questions you have and address any challenges that are keeping you from moving forward.
Where can I see more about Grace Ofure?
What happens if I want to leave C-W-C?
C-W-C members may unsubscribe at any time, in which case they will be removed from private groups, their billing shall cease, and they will no longer be members.

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