Portfolio Pilot by Lifecard Company

PorfolioPilot is a  new & secure approach to wealth creation for individuals seeking to build wealth in long-term, through real estate deals.

PortfolioPilot is a comprehensive solution for ownership, enabling secure investment, saving to own, earning, and profiting from various real estate related deals. It could also be referred to as an Insured fractionalised 'RE' investments and savings platform — with verifiable real estate deals backed by data-driven intelligence.

It not only significantly reduces risk exposure but also offers users intelligent banking solutions tailored to their needs.

As you save, invest and receive a fixed 10% return, PortfolioPilot tracks your savings culture, and create credit points for you.

For anyone who is able to achieve consistency with his/her savings culture and maintains a verifiable track-record through credit point, Such individuals will be giving opportunities for local or international property ownership with access to loans for establishing real estate-related businesses, making it a comprehensive tool for wealth creation and financial growth.

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